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What is Tapbuy?

Tapbuy boosts mobile conversion, a big challenge as mobile represents over 50% of retail traffic but only 5-15% of sales.

Tapbuy helps merchants reach customers in their discovery environment through a great mobile purchase path, from product page to payment.

Tapbuy also drives more revenues to publishers by allowing users to buy directly from publisher platforms.

Where can I use Tapbuy ?

Product discovery has changed. Customers, notably Millennials, are harder to reach as they now discover products on external platforms (e.g. on blogs, Instagram, FB Messenger, Pinterest or 3rd party mobile apps…). Most people visit these platforms on their smartphones.

Tapbuy Mobile Checkout works on any product discovery platform (social networks, blogs, ads, messenger apps, shopping apps, emails ….) allowing retailers to grow reach and simplify mobile buying on publisher networks. Tapbuy also works directly on a retailer’s site.

How does Tapbuy work?

Tapbuy connects to the e-commerce platform via a connector or via API, and works as follows:

  • Tapbuy uploads retailer’s product catalog (or just a selection) and synchronizes available inventory and customer info in real time.

  • Uploaded data (photos, product name, price, description, attributes, etc.) are then reformatted within the Tapbuy shopping funnel. Customers can then buy through a simple, fast and 100% mobile-optimized purchase funnel.

  • Order and customer information are directly returned into the merchant’s e-commerce system.

  • The merchant maintains the customer relationship and processes the order as usual.

The retailer activates Tapbuy via Tapbuy URL links, generated from existing product URL’s. When a user clicks on a Tapbuy link, the Tapbuy purchase funnel is triggered from the discovery platform. The retailer can also decide to use the Tapbuy shopping funnel directly on his retail site. Tapbuy is then generally triggered at the ‘add-to-cart’ stage.

On the publisher side, Tapbuy allows bloggers and all content sites to trigger an optimized shopping experience directly from publisher platforms.

Is Tapbuy secure?

Security is our top priority. The entire Tapbuy experience is encrypted by a 2048 bit key from start to finish. All our communications are based on secure SSL transactions between our servers and those of our merchant partners. Banking data is stored and processed by PCI DSS level 1 certified services.

How much does Tapbuy cost?

Tapbuy is free for publishers and offers payment plans to retailers. Plan prices depend on the number of orders and features included. To know more about our plans and pricing, please contact us directly here.

Does Tapbuy work also on desktop?

Yes, Tapbuy offers an optimized purchasing experience that works on all devices (desktop, tablet and smartphone).

With which ecommerce platforms is Tapbuy compatible?

Tapbuy offers connectors to platforms like Shopify, Prestashop and Magento, and we add new platforms on an ongoing basis.

We can also connect Tapbuy to proprietary platforms via retailer API’s.


How does Tapbuy integration work?

Retail integration work is very light thanks to our e-commerce platform connectors (e.g. Shopify, Prestashop, Magento), so it should not take more than a few hours. After that, we handle the rest. We continue to add new connectors to e-commerce platforms on an ongoing basis.

For proprietary platforms, the list of functions required to synchronize Tapbuy with your e-commerce system can be found in our API-partners documentation. Our team is available to provide support and make a diagnostic of your existing platform, as well as guide you in setting up web services, if needed.

Can I customize Tapbuy’s checkout?

Yes, you will be able to personalize the checkout funnel through Tapbuy’s customer platform.

Does Tapbuy allow multi-product carts ?

Yes, Tapbuy allows to add multiple products to the cart of a single retailer.

Which shipping methods does Tapbuy offer?

Tapbuy offers the following shipping methods : home delivery, drop-off locations and delivery in store. Tapbuy works with delivery partners and adds new shipping options in function of merchant demand.

Which payment methods does Tapbuy offer?

Tapbuy offers payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and Paypal. New payment methods (e.g. Apple Pay, etc.) will complete our offer very soon.

Does Tapbuy process the payments?

No, Tapbuy connects directly to your existing payments processor (ie: Ogone, Stripe, Adyen…).

Is payment on Tapbuy secure?

Yes, all bank details are stored and processed by PCI-DSS level 1 certified payment providers.

Who handles fulfillment, shipping, returns, and customer service?

The retailer continues to manage the order and the customer relationship. All returns, cancellations and tracking are managed as usual by the retailer’s customer service.

How does reporting work with Tapbuy?

Tapbuy provides secured access to a backend platform where you will find all statistics on Tapbuy’s purchase funnel activity (number of orders, cart abandonment rate, etc…).

Can I directly import data collected by Tapbuy to my own analytics tool?

Yes, depending on your plan, you can connect Tapbuy directly to your existing analytics solutions (e.g. Google Analytics, Eulerian, Adobe…).


How to use Tapbuy ?

To use Tapbuy, just submit here. Once approved, we will guide you step by step in order to trigger Tapbuy directly from your platform. This will be done through insertion of simple javascript code on your platform.

Can I sell multiple products from multiple retailers in one shopping cart?

Tapbuy allows to buy several products of the same e-merchant via the same shopping cart. Tapbuy does not allow to offer a multi-merchant shopping cart.

Where can I see the sales on my platform?

Tapbuy provides secured access to a backend platform where you will find a dashboard of sales data including all orders on your platform.

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